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    Soil of all kinds, including gravel, clay, loam, and the like, in distinction from the firm rock. Dickinson v. Pough-keepsie, 75 N. Y. 76.
    A right in the owner of one parcel of land, by reason of such ownership, to use the land of another for a special purpose not inconsistent with a general property in the owner. 2 Washb. Real Prop. 25. A privilege which the owner of one adjacent tenement hath of More...
  • EAST
    In the customs laws of the United States, the term "countries east of the Cape of Good Hope" means countries with which, formerly, the United States ordinarily carried on commercial Intercourse by passing around that cape. Powers v. Comley, 101 U. S. 790, 25 L. Ed. 805.
    The name of a royal manor in the county of Kent England; mentioned in royal grants or patents, as descriptive of the tenure of free socage.
    The East India Company was originally established for prosecuting the trade between England and India, which they acquired a right to carry on exclusively. Since the middle of the last century, however, the company's political affairs had become of more importance than their commerce. In 1858, by 21 A 22 More...
    A feast of the Christian church held in memory of our Saviour's resurrection. The Greeks and Latins call it "pascha," (passover,) to which Jewish feast our Easter answers. This feast has been annually celebrated since the time of tbe apostles, and is one of the most important festivals in the More...
    A coin struck by Richard II. which Is supposed to have given rise to the name of "sterling," as applied to English, money.
    This word, when used alone, will be construed to mean "due east." But that is a rule of necessity growing out of the indefiniteness of the term, and has no application where other words are used for the purpose of qualifying its meaning. Where such is the case, instead of More...
    An easterly coast or country.
    In criminal practice. Words used on the acquittal of a defendant, that he may go thence without a day, i. e., be dismissed without any further continuance or adjournment.
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