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    Any place where food or refreshments of any kind, not Including spirits, wines, ale, beer, or other malt liquors, are provided for casual visitors, and sold for consumption therein. Act Cong. July 13,1866, f 9 (14 St at Large, 118). And see Carpenter v. Taylor, 1 Hilt (N. Y.) 195; More...
    The edge of a roof, built so as to project over the walls of a house, in order that the rain may drop therefrom to the ground instead of running down the wall. Center St. Church v. Machias Hotel Co., 51 Me. 413. -Eaves-drip. The drip or dropping of water More...
    In English criminal law. The offense of listening under walls or windows, or the eaves of a house, to hearken after discourse, and thereupon to frame slanderous and mischievous tales. 4 Bl. Comm. 168. It is a misdemeanor at common law, indictable at sessions, and punishable by fine and finding More...
    An expression used formerly in this country to denote the limits of admiralty jurisdiction. See United States v. Aborn, 3 Mason, 127, Fed. Cas. No. 14,418; Hale v. Washington Ins. Co., 2 Story, 176 Fed. Cas. No. 5,916; De Lovio v. Bolt 2 Gall. 398, Fed. Cas. No. 3,776; The More...
  • EBBA
    In old English law. Ebb. Ebba et fluctus; ebb and flow of tide; ebb and flood. Bract fols. 255, 338. The time occupied by one ebb and flood was anciently granted to persons essoined as being beyond sea, in addition to the period of forty days. See Fleta, lib. 6, More...
    In ecclesiastical law. An officer in cathedral churches who supervised the regular performance of divine service, and prescribed the particular duties of each person in the choir.
    In criminal law and medical jurisprudence. Drunkenness; alcoholic intoxication. Com. v. Whitney, 11 Cush. (Mass.) 479. Eeee mode minim, quod foamine tort breve regis, non uominaudo Tirum, eon junotum robore legi*. Co. Litt 132b. Behold, indeed, a wonder ! that a woman has the king's writ without naming her husband, More...
    In criminal law and medical jurisprudence. Personal or individual peculiarities of mind and disposition which markedly distinguish the subject from the ordinary, normal, or average types of men, but do not amount to mental unsoundness or insanity. Ekiu v. McCracken, 11 Phila. (Pa.) 535.
    In medical jurisprudence Blackness. It is an extravasation of blood by rupture of capillary vessels, and hence it follows contusion; but it may exist as in cases of scurvy and other morbid conditions, without the latter. Ry. Med. Jur. 172.
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