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    Twelve hands. The oaths of twelve men, including himself, by whom the defendant was allowed to make his law. 8 BL Comm. 343.
    In old records. A jury of twelve men. Cowell.
    A dozen hands, i. 6., twelve witnesses to purge a criminal of an offense. Duorum. in solldum dominium vel pos-sossio esse non potest. Ownership or possession In entirety cannot be in two persons of the same thing. Dig. 13, 6> 5, 15; Mackeld. Rom. Law, { 245. Bract fol. 28b.
    In the civil law. Double the price of a thing. Dig. 21, 2, 2.
    A double complaint An ecclesiastical proceeding, which la In the nature of an appeal from an ordinary's refusal to institute, to his next immediate superior; as from a bishop to the archbishop. If the superior adjudges the cause of refusal to be insufficient, he will grant institution to the appellant More...
    In old English law. Double the value of the marriage. While an infant was in ward, the guardian had the power of tendering him or her a suitable match, without disparagement, which if the infants refused, they forfeited the value of the marriage to their guardian, that is, so much More...
    When two written documents are substantially alike, so that each might be a copy or transcript from the other, while both stand on the same footing as original instruments,-they are called "duplicates." Agreements, deeds, and other documents are frequently executed in duplicate, in order .that each party may have an More...
    In the civil law. The defendant's answer to the plaintiffs replication; corresponding to the rejoinder of the common law. Duplieationem possibilitatls lex non patitur. The law does not allow the doubling of a possibility. 1 Rolle, 321.
    Double right Bract fol. 283b. See DROIT-DROIT.
    The technical fault In pleading, of uniting two or more causes of action in one count in a writ or two or more grounds of defense in one plea, or two or more breaches in a replication, or two or more offenses in the same count of an indictment Tucker More...
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