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  • DUMB
    One who cannot speak; a person who is mute.
    In sales at auction, when the minimum amount which the owner will take for the article is written on a piece of paper, and placed by the owner under a candlestick, or other thing, and it is agreed that no bidding shall avail unless equal to that, this is called More...
    Provided; provided that A word of limitation in the Latin forms of conveyances, of frequent use in Introducing a reservation; as in reserving a rent
  • DUN
    A mountain or high open place. The names of places ending In dun or don were either built on hills or near them in open places.
  • DUNA
    In old records. A bank of earth cast up; the side of a ditch. Cowell.
    Such an under-ground prison or cell as was formerly placed in the strongest part of a fortress; a dark or subterraneous prison.
    A double; a kind of base coin less than a farthing.
    Pieces of wood placed against the sides and bottom of the hold of a vessel, to preserve the cargo from the effect of leakage, according to its nature and quality. Abb. Shipp. 227. There is considerable resemblance between dunnage and ballast. The latter is used for trimming the ship, and More...
    People that dwell on hilly places or mountains. Jacob. Duo nom possunt in soUdo unam rem possidere. Two cannot possess one thing in entirety. Co. Litt 368. Duo sunt Instmntonta ad omnos res nut eonnrmandas aut impigasaosiy ratio et authoritas. There are two instruments for confirming or impugning all things, More...
    The trial by twelve men, or by jury. Applied to juries de medietate lingua. Mol. de Jure Mar. 448.
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