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  • DUE
    1. Just; proper; regular; lawful; sufficient; as in the phrases "due care," "due process of law," "due notice." "2. Owing; payable; justly owed. That which one contracts to pay or perform to another; that which law or justice requires to be paid or done." "3. Owed, or owing, as distinguished More...
    A brief written acknowledgment of a debt. It is not made payable to order, like a promissory note. See Feeser v. Feeser, 93 M.L 716, 50 Atl. 406; Marrigan T. Page, 4 Humph. (Tenn.) 247; Currier v. Lockwood, 40 Conn. 350, 16 Am. Rep. 40; Lee y. Balcom, 9 Colo. More...
  • DUEL
    A duel la any combat with deadly weapons, fought between two or more persons, by previous agreement or npon a previous quarrel. Pen. Code Cal. { 225; State y. Fritz, 133 N. C. 725, 45 S. E. 957; State y. Herriott, 1 McMul. (S. C.) 130; Bassett y. State, 44 More...
    The trial by battel or judicial combat See BATTEL.
  • DUES
    Certain payments; rates or taxes. See Ward v. Joslin, 105 Fed. 227, 44 C. C. A. 456; Warwick v. Supreme Conclave, 107 Ga. 115, 32 S. EX 951; Whitman v. National Bank, 176 U. S. 559, 20 Sup. Ct 477, 44 L. Ed. 587.
  • DUKE
    , in English law, is a title of nobility, ranking Immediately next to the Prince of Wales. It is only a title of dignity. Conferring it does not give any domain, territory, or jurisdiction over the place whence the title is taken. Duchess, the consort of a duke Wharton.
    The name of a rack in the Tower, so called after a minister of Henry VI. who sought to introduce it into England.
    A government where servants and slaves have so much license and privilege that they domineer. Wharton.
  • DULY
    In due or proper form or manner; according to legal requirements. Regularly; upon a proper foundation, as distinguished from mere form. Robertson v. Perkins, 129 U. S. 233, 9 Sup. Ct 279, 32 L. Ed. 686; Brownell v. Greenwich, 114 N. Y. 518, 22 N. E. 24, 4 L. R. More...
  • DUM
    Lat While; as long as; until; upon condition that; provided that -Dom bene se cesserit. While he shall conduct himself well; during good behavior. Expressive of a tenure of office not dependent upon the pleasure of the appointing power, nor for a limited period, but terminable only upon the death More...
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