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    n. (From Lat. duplicatio, q. v.) In Scotch pleading. The defendant's answer to the plaintiff's replication.
    v. In Scotch pleading. To rejoin. "It is duplyed by the panel." 3 State Trials, 471.
    Lat. During. A word of limitation in old conveyances. Co. Litt 234b. -Durante absentia. During absence. In some jurisdictions, administration of a decedent's estate is said to be granted durante absentia in cases where the absence of the proper proponents of the will, or of an executor, delays or imperils More...
    In India. A court audience, or levee. Mozley A Whitley.
    v. To subject to duress. A word used by Lord Bacon. "If the party duressed do make any motion," etc. Bac. Max. 89, reg. 22.
    n. Unlawful constraint exercised upon a man whereby he is forced to do some act against his will. It may be either "duress of imprisonment" where the person is deprived of his liberty in order to force him to compliance, or by violence, beating, or other actual injury, or duress More...
    One who subjects another to duress; one who compels another to do a thing, as by menace. Bac. Max. 90, reg. 22.
    A county palatine In England, the jurisdiction of which was vested in the Bishop of Durham until the statute 6 & 7 Wm. IV. c 19, vested it as a separate franchise and royalty in the crown. The Jurisdiction of the Durham court of pleas was transferred to the supreme More...
    In old English law. Blows without wounding or bloodshed; dry blows. "Blount.
    A term used in Hindostan for a passport permit or order from the English East Indian Company. It generally meant a permit under their seal exempting goods from the payment of duties. Enc Lond.
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