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    In the civil law. An averting or turning away. A term applied to a species of sale in gross or bulk. Letting a house altogether, instead of in chambers. 4 Kent, Comm. 517. —Aversio periculi. A turning away of peril. Used of a contract of insurance. 3 Kent, Comm. 263.
    Goods, property, substance; a beast of burden. Spelman.
  • AVET
    A term used in the Scotch law, signifying to abet or assist.
  • AVIA
    In the civil law. A grandmother. Inst. 3, 6, 3.
    In the civil law. A grandson.
    In Scotch law. To make avizandum with a process is to take it from the public court to the private consideration of tbe judge. Bell.
    Fr. Advocate; an advocate.
    To annul; cancel; make void; to destroy the eflicacy of anything.
    A making void, or of no effect; annulling, cancelling; escaping or evading. In English ecclesiastical law. The term describes the condition of a benefice when it has no incumbent. In parliamentary language, avoidance of a decision signifies evading or superseding a question, or escaping the coming to a decision upon More...
    The name of a system of weights (sixteen ounces to the pound) used in weighing articles other than medicines, metals, and precious stones.
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