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    The calling upon a warrantor of lands to fulfill his undertaking.
  • AVOUE'
    In French law. A barrister, advocate, attorney. An officer charged with representing and defending parties before the tribunal to which he is attached. Duverger.
  • AVOW
    In pleading. To acknowledge and justify an act done. To make an avowry. For example, when replevin is brought for a thing distrained, and the party taking claims that he had a right to make the distress, he is said to avow. Newell Mill CP. v. Muxlow, 115 N. Y. More...
    One who makes an avowry.
    In ecclesiastical law. An advocate of a church benefice.
    A pleading in the action of replevin, by which the defendant avows, that is, acknowledges, the taking of the distress or property complained of, where he took it in his own right, and sets forth the reason of it; as for rent in arrear, damage done, etc. 3 Bl. Comm. More...
    In English law. An adulterer with whom a married woman continues in adultery. Termes de la Ley.
    In old English law. Adultery. Termes de la Ley.
    The removal of a considerable quantity of soil from the land of one man, and its deposit upon or annexation to the land of another, suddenly and by the perceptible action of water. 2 Washb. Real Prop. 452. The property of the part thus separated continues in the original proprietor, More...
    In the civil law. A mother's brother. 2 Bl. Comm. 230. Avunculus magnus, a great-uncle. Avunculus major, a great-grandmother's brother. Avunculus maximus, a great-great-grandmother's brother. See Dig. 38, 10, 10; Inst. 3, 6, 2.
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