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    In old English law. The depriving of a thing by the judgment of a court; a putting out of court; the same as forisjudicatio, forjudgment, forjudger. Co. Litt 100a, b; Townsh. PI. 49.
    One of the steps in the process of naturalizing an alien. It consists in a formal declaration, made by the party under oath before a competent authority, that he renounces and abjures all the allegiance and fidelity which he owes to the sovereign whose subject he has theretofore been.
    In ancient English law. A renunciation of one's country, a species of self-imposed banishment under an oath never to return to the kingdom unless by permission. This was formerly allowed to criminals, as a means of saving their lives, when they had confessed their crimes, and fled to sanctuary. See More...
    To renounce, or abandon, by or upon oath. See ABJURATION. "The decision of this court in Arthur v. Broadnax, 3 Ala. 557, affirms that if the husband has abjured the state, and remains abroad, the wife, meanwhile trading as a feme sole, could recover on a note which was given More...
    As used in a statute relating to service in the militia, this term does not imply an absolute freedom from all physical ailment. It imports an absence of those palpable and visible defects which evidently incapacitate the person from performing the ordinary duties of a soldier. Darling v. Bowen, 10 More...
    Papal ambassadors of the second rank, who are sent to a country where there is not a nuncio, with a less extensive commission than that of a nuncio.
    A letting out to hire, or leasing for money. Calvin. Sometimes used in the English form "ablocation."
    Lat. In the civil law. A great-great-grandmother's sister, (abaviae soror.) Inst. 3, 6, 6; Dig. 38, 10, 8. Called matertera maxima. Id. 38, 10, 10, 17.- Called, by Bracton, abmaterierm magna. Bract fol. 68b.
    Lat. A great-great-grandson. The grandson of a grandson or granddaughter. Calvin.
    Lat. A great-great-granddaughter. The granddaughter of a grandson or granddaughter. Calvin.
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