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    The place where a person dwells. Dorsey v. Brtgham, 177 111. 250, 52 N. E. 308, 42 L. It A. 809, 69 Am. St Rep. 228.
    The destruction, abrogation, or extinguishment of anything; also the leave given by the sovereign or judges to a criminal accuser to desist from further prosecution. 25 Hen. VIII. c. 2l.
    Fr. In French commercial law. Collision of vessels.
    In medical jurisprudence. A drug or medicine capable of, or used for, producing abortion.
    In criminal law. The miscarriage or premature delivery of a woman who is quick with child. When this is brought about with a malicious design, or for an unlawful purpose, it is a crime in law. The act of bringing forth what is yet imperfect ; and particularly the delivery More...
    A term descriptive of the result when a case has gone off, and no verdict has been pronounced, without the fault, contrivance, or management of the parties. Jebb & B. 51.
    Lat. The fruit of an abortion ; the child born before its time, incapable of life.
    Fr. An abuttal or abutment. See Guyot Repert Univ. "Aboutissans."
    In practice. Higher; superior. The court to which a cause is removed by appeal or writ of error is called the court above. Principal; as distinguished from what is auxiliary or instrumental. Bail to the action, or special bail, is otherwise termed bail above. 3 Bl. Comm. 291. See BELOW.
    Quoted before. A figurative expression taken from the ancient manner of writing books on scrolls where whatever is mentioned or cited before in the same roll must be above. Encyc. Lond.
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