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    Proceeding by inquiry. Enc. Lond.
    Rogues and vag­abonds in the middle ages; from Zigi, now Circassla.
    A union of German states for uniformity of customs, established in 1819. It continued until the unification of the German empire, Including Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria, Wurtemberg, Baden, Hesse-Cassel, Brunswick, and Mecklenburg-Strelltz, and all Intermediate principalities. It has now been superseded by the German empire;, and the federal council of the More...
    In the civil law. A measure or quantity of land Nov. 17, c 8. As much land as a yoke of oxen could plow in a day. Calvin.
    In the civil law. A weigher; an officer who held or looked to the balance in weighing money between buyer and seller; an officer appointed to determine controversies aoout the weight of money. Spelman.
    Lat. A liquor or beverage made of wheat or barley. Dig. S3, 0, 9, pr.
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