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    Lat In the civil law. Tutelage ; that species of guardianship which continued to the age of puberty; the guardian being called "tutor" and the ward, "pupillus." 1 Dom. Civil Law, b. 2, tit. 1, p. 260. -----Tutela legitime. Legal tutelage; tutelage created by act of law, as where none More...
    Lat. In the civil law. An action of tutelage; an action which lay for a ward or pupil, on the termination of tutelage, against the tutor or guardian, to compel an account Calvin.
    Guardianship; state of being under a guardian.
    Lat In the civil law. To render an account of tutelage. Calvin. Tutelam reposcere, to demand an account of tutelage.
    In French law. A kind of guardian. -----------Tuteur ofificieux. A person over fifty years of age may be appointed a tutor of this sort to a child over fifteen years of age, with the consent of the parents of such child, or, in their default, the conseil de famille. The More...
    In the civil law. This term corresponds nearly to "guardian," (i. e., a person appointed to have the care of the person of a minor and the administration of his estate,) except that the guardian of a minor who. has passed a certain age is called ''curator," and has powers More...
    The office and power of a tutor. ------Tutorship by nature. After the dissolution of marriage by the death of either husband or wife, the tutorship of minor children belongs of right to the surviving mother or father. This is what is called "tutorship by nature." Civ. Code La. art 250.-------Tutorship More...
    A female tutor.
    In Saxon law. A guest on the second night. By the laws of Edward the Confessor it was provided that a man who lodged at an inn, or at the house of another, should be considered, on the flrst night of his being there, a stranger, (uncuth;) on the second More...
    The highest rank of men in the Saxon government, who were valued at 1200s. If any injury were done to such persons, satisfaction was to be made according to their worth. Cowell.
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