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    Lat. Have or take your things to yourself. The form of words by which, according to the old Roman law, a man divorced his wife Calvin.
  • TUB
    In mercantile law. A measure containing sixty pounds of tea, and from fifty-six to eighty-six pounds of camphor. Jacob.
    In English law. A barrister who has a preaudience in the exchequer, and also one who has a particular place in court, is so called. Brown.
    In Spanish law. Objections or exceptions to witnesses. White, New Recop. b. 3, tit 7, c 10.
    In Spanish law. Tort Las Partidas, pt 7, tit 6, L 5.
  • TUG
    A steam vessel built for towing; synonymous with "tow-boat".
    Lat In Roman law. That part of a prison which was under ground Supposed to be so called from Servius Tullius, who built that part of the flrst prison in Rome. Adams, Rom. Ant 290.
    A castigatory, trebucket, or ducking-stool, anciently used as a punishment for common scolds.
    Under St 18 Car. II. St 1, c 5, this was a misdemeanor, and consisted in more than twenty persons signing any petition to the crown or either house of parliament for the alteration of matters established by law in church or state, unless the contents thereof had been approved More...
  • TUN
    A measure of wine or oil, containing four hogsheads.
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