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    A town-reeve or ballliff. Cowell.
    Lat In the civil law. A multitude ; a crowd or mob; a tumultuous assembly of persons. Said to consist of ten or fifteen, at the least. Calvin.
    Turbary, or common of turbary, is the right or liberty of digging turf upon another man's ground Brown.
    The great court-leet of the county, as the old county court was the court-baron. Of this the sheriff is judge, and the court is incident to his office; wherefore it is called the "sheriff's tourn;" and it had its name originally from the sheriff making a turn of circuit about More...
    This phrase means that a person whose estate is divested by usurpation cannot expel the possessor by mere entry, but must have recourse to an action, either possessory or droitural. Mos-ley A Whitley.
    A person, under the superintendence of a jailer, who has the charge of the keys of the prison, for the purpose of opening and fastening the doors.
    A gate set across a road, to stop travelers and carriages until toll Is paid for the privilege of passage thereon. -----Turnpike roads. These are roads on which parties have by law a right te erect gates and ban, for the purpose of taking toll, and of refusing the permission More...
    Lat In the civil law. Base; mean; vile; disgraceful; Infamous; unlawful. Applied both to things and persons. Calvin. ------Tarpis eansa. A base cause; a vile or Immoral consideration: a consideration which, on account of its immorality, is not allowed by law to be sufficient either to support a contract or More...
    Everything done contrary to justice, honesty, modesty, or good morals is said to be done with turpitude.
    Lat Baseness; infamy; Immorality; turpitude. Tnta est enstodia qnss sibimet ereditnr. Hob. 840. That guardianship is secure which is intrusted to itself alone.
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