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    A conviction of felony, or the person so convicted. Cowell.
    One who takes or acquires; particularly, one who takes an estate by devise. When an estate is granted subject to a remainder or executory devise, the devisee of the immediate Interest is called the "first taker."
  • TAKE
    1. To lay hold of; to gain or receive into possession; to seize; to deprive one of the possession of; to assume ownership. Thus, it is a constitutional provision that a man's property shall not be taken for public uses without just compensation. Evansville A C. R. Co. v. Dick, More...
    In criminal law and torts. The act of laying hold upon an article, with or without removing the same.
  • TALE
    In old pleading. The plaintiff's count, declaration, or narrative of his case 8 Bl. Comm. 293. The count or counting of money. Said to be derived from the same root as "tally.". Cowell. Whence also the modern word "teller".
    Lat Such; such men. When, by means of challenges or any other cause, a sufficient number of unexceptionable Jurors does not appear at the trial, either party may pray a "tales," as it is termed; that Is, a supply of such men as are summoned on the flrst panel in More...
    So many of the by-standers. The emphatic words of the old writ awarded to the sheriff to make up a deficiency of jurors out of the persons present in court 8 Bl. Comm. 365.
    A person summoned to act as a juror from among the by-standers in the court. Linehan v. State, 113 Ala. 70, 21 South. 497; Shields v. Niagara County Sav. Bank, 5 Thonip. A C. (N. Y.) 587.
    Lat. In tHe civil law. Like for like; punishment in the same kind; the punishment of an injury by an act of the same kind, as an eye for an eye, a limb for a limb, etc. Calvin. Talis interpretatio semper flenda est, nt evitetnr absnrdnm et inoonveniens, et ne More...
    Upon pleading the judgment of an inferior court the proceedings preliminary to such judgment, and on which the same was founded, must to some extent appear in the pleading, but the rule is that they may be alleged with a general allegation that "such proceedings were had," instead of a More...
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