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    A word used metaphorically for a share of a man's substance paid by way of tribute, toll, or tax, being derived from tbe French "tailler," which signifles to cut a piece out of the whole. Cowell. See State v. Switzler, 143 Mo. 287, 45 S. W. 245, 40 L. R. More...
    Tax or toll gatherers; mentioned by Chaucer.
    L. Lat. A terra Including all taxes. 42 Inst. 532; People v. Brooklyn, 9 Barb. (N. Y.) 551; Bernards Tp. v. Allen, 61 N. J. Law. 228, 39 Atl. 716.-Tallaginm facere. To give up accounts in the exchequer, where the method of accounting was by tallies.
    A keeping account by tallies. Cowell.
    A stick cut Into two parts, on each whereof is marked, with notches or otherwise, what is due between debtor and creditor. It was the ancient mode of keeping accounts. One part was held by the creditor, and the other by the debtor. The use of tallies in the exchequer More...
    L. Lat A tax or tribute; tallage; a share taken or cut out of any one's Income or means. Spelman.
    A case reported in Yearb. 12 Edw. IV. 19-21, which is regarded as having established the foundation of common recoveries.
    A phrase used as the name of a writ of error from inferior courts, when the error is supposed to be as well in giving the judgment as in awarding execution upon it. (Tam in redditione judicii, quam in adjudication executionis.) A venire tam quam was one by which a More...
  • TAME
    Domesticated; accustomed to man; reclaimed from a natural state of wildness. In the Latin phrase, tame animals are described as domites naturae.
    Lat. Notwithstanding; nevertheless; yet.
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