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    In Louisiana. A list of creditors of an insolvent estate, stating what each is entitled to. Taylor v. Hollander, 4 Mart N. S. (La.) 536.
    Lat. In the civil law. A table or tablet; a thin sheet of wood, which, when covered with wax, was used for writing.
    Lat A plank in a shipwreck. This phrase is used metaphorically to designate the power subsisting in a third mortgagee, who took without notice of the second mortgage, to acquire-the flrst Incumbrance, attach it to his own, and thus squeeze out and get satisfaction, before the second is admitted to More...
    Lat In Roman law. Tables. Writings of any kind used as evidences of a transaction. Brissonius. -Tabulae nuptlales. In the civil law. A written record of a marriage; or the agreement as to the dos.
    Lat A notary, or tabellio. Calvin.
  • TAC, TAK
    In old records. A kind of customary payment by a tenant. Cowell. -Tao free. In old records. Free from the common duty or imposition of tac. Cowell.
    Silent; not expressed; implied or inferred; manifested by the refraining from contradiction or objection; inferred from the situation and circumstances, in the absence of express matter. Thus, tacit consent is consent Inferred from the fact that the party kept silence when he had an opportunity to forbid or refuse, -Tacit More...
    Lat Silently; impliedly; tacitly.
    In Scotch law, this signifies laches in not prosecuting a legal claim, or in acquiescing in an adverse one. Mozley A Whitley.
  • TACK
    v. To annex some junior lien to a flrst Hen, thereby acquiring priority over an intermediate one. See TACKING.
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