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    The living of one of two or more persons after the death of the other or others. Survivorship is where a person becomes entitled to property by reason of his having survived another person who had an interest in it The most familiar example is in the case of joint More...
    The process by which a parcel of land is measured and its contents ascertained ; also a statement of the result of such survey, with the courses and distances and the quantity of the land. In insurance law, the term "the survey" has acquired a general meaning, inclusive of what More...
    One who makes surveys of land; one who has the overseeing or care of another person's land or works. -Surveyor of highways. In English law. A person elected by the inhabitants of a parish, in vestry assembled, to survey the ' highways therein. He must possess certain qualifications in point More...
    An abbreviation of "SUSPENDATUR PER COLLUM" let him be hanged by the neck. Words formerly used in England in signing judgment against a prisoner who was to be executed; being written by the judge in the margin of the sheriff's calendar or list, opposite the prisoner's name. 4 Bl. Comm. More...
    To interrupt; to cause to cease for a time; to stay, delay, or hinder; to discontinue temporarily, but with an expectation or purpose of resumption.' To for: bid a public officer, attorney, or ecclesiastical person from performing his duties or exercising his functions for a more or less definite interval More...
    In Scotch law. He in whose favor a suspension is made.
    When a rent profit d prendre; and the like, are, in consequence of the unity of possession of the rent, etc., of the land out of which they issue, not in esse for a time, they' are said to be in suspense, tiinc dormiunt; but they may be revived or More...
    The act of suspecting, or the state of being suspected; imagination, generally of something ill; distrust; mistrust ; doubt. McCalla v. State, 66 Ga. 3g&
    In the criminal laws of some of the states, a person who is known or strongly suspected to be an habitual criminal, or against whom there is reasonable cause to believe that he has committed a crime or is planning or intending to commit one, or whose actions and behavior More...
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