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    Divided into four parts. A term conveyancing to an indenture executed in four parts.
    A person who is descended from a white person and another person who has an equal mixture of the European and African blood. State v. Davis, 2 Bailey (S. C.) 558.
    Lat. In Roman law. Informers who, if their information were followed'by conviction, had the fourth part of the confiscated goods for their trouble.
    Lat. In the civil law. A pleading on the part of a defendant, corresponding to the rebutter at common law. The third pleading on the part of the defendant. Inst 4, 14, 3; 3 BL Comm. 310. Qnss ab hostibns capiuntur, statlm ca-pientinm Hunt. 2 Burrows, 693. Things which are More...
    Lat Which is the same. Words used for alleging that the trespass or other fact mentioned in the plea is the same as that laid in the declaration, where, from the circumstances, there is an apparent difference between the two. 1 Chit PI. 582. Qnss In ouria regis acta snnt More...
    Lat. Which [does or requires] nothing in vain. Which requires nothing to be done, that is, to no purpose. 2 Kent, Comm. 53. Qnss non neri dobent, facta Talent. Things which ought not to be done are held valid when they have been done Tray. Lat Max. 484. Qnss non More...
    Lat. In old English practice. A writ which lay where an Inquisition had been made by an escheator in any county of such lands or tenements as any man died seised of, and all that was in his possession was imagined not to be found by the office; the writ More...
    A query; question; doubt This word, occurring in the syllabus of a reported case or elsewhere, shows that a question is propounded as to what follows, or that the particular rule, decision, or statement Is considered as open to question. Quare de dubiis, quia per rationes pervenitur ad legitlmam rationem. More...
    Lat. A plaintiff; the plaintiff.
    The plaintiff shall take nothing by his bill. A form of judgment for the defendant Latch, 133.
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