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    Adapted; fitted; entitled; as an elector to vote. Applied to one who has taken the steps to prepare himself for an appointment or office, as by taking oath, giving bond, etc. Pub. St. Mass. p. 1294. Also limited; restricted; confined; modified ; imperfect, or temporary. The term is also applied More...
    To make one's self fit or prepared to exercise a right, office, or franchise. To take the steps necessary to prepare one's self for an office or appointment, as by taking oath, giving bond, etc. Pub. St. Mass. p. 1294; Archer v. State, 74 Md. 443, 22 Atl. 8, 28 More...
    In respect to persons, this term denotes comparative rank; state or condition in relation to others; social or civil position or class. tIn pleading, it; means ap attribute or characteristic by which one thing, is distinguished from another. -Quality of estate. The period when, and the manner in which, the More...
    Lat As long as; so long as. A word of limitation in old conveyances. Co. litt 235a.
    As long as he shall behave himself well; during good behavior; a clause frequent In letters patent or grants of certain offices, to secure them so long as the persons to whom they are granted shall not be guilty of abusing them, the opposite clause being "durante bene placito" (during More...
    Lat When they shall come in. The name of a judgment sometimes given against an executor, - especially on a plea of plene administrate which empowers the plaintiff to have the benefit of, assets which may at any time othereafter come to the hands of the executor.? o i Quando More...
    Lat. The name of an action in the civil law, (and in Louisiana,) brought by the purchaser of an article, for a reduction of the agreed price on account of defects in the thing which diminish its value
    How much damnified? The name of an issue directed by a court of equity to be tried In a court of law, to ascertain the amount of compensation to be allowed for damage.
    As much as he deserved In pleading.. The common count In an action of assumpsit for work and labor, founded on an implied assumpsit or promise on the part of the defendant to pay the plaintiff as much as he reasonably deserved to have for his labor. 3 BL Comm. More...
    As much as othey were worth. In pleading. The common count in an action of assumpsit for goods sold and delivered, founded on an implied assumpsit or promise, on the part of the defendant, to pay the plaintiff as much as the goods were reasonably worth. 3 Bl. . Comm. More...
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