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    1. The production to a court or judge of the exact language of a statute, precedent, or other authority, in support of an argument or proposition advanced. "2. Tbe transcription of part of a literary composition into another book or writing." "3. A statement of the market price of one More...
    A money verdict the amount of which is fixed by the following process: Each juror writes down the sum he wishes to award by the verdict; these amounts are all added together, and the total is divided by twelve, (the number of the jurors,) and the quotient stands as the More...
    Of how many kinds; how many fold. A term of frequent occurrence in Sheppard's Touchstone.
    Lat. How long; how far; until In old conveyances it is used as a word of limitation. 10 Coke, 41
    Lat. In whatever manner. Quum de lucro duorum queratur, melior est oausa possidentis. When the question la as to the gain of two persons, the title of the party in possession is the better one. Dig. 60, 17, 126, 2. Quum in testamento ambfgue ant etiam porperam soriptum est, benigne More...
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