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    In the practice of legislative bodies, this is the name given to a species of negative proxies, by which two members, who belong to opposite parties or are on opposite sides with regard to a gives question, mutually agree that they will both be absent from voting, either for a More...
    Fr. The country; the neighborhood. A trial per pais signifies a trial by the country; that is, by jury. An assurance by matter in pais is an assurance transacted between two or more private persons "In the country;" that is, upon the very spot to be transferred. Matter in pais More...
    Ordinary conveyances between two or more persons in the country; i. e., upon the land to be transferred.
    A court formerly existing in England. It was created by Charles I., and abolished in 1849. It was held in the borough of Southwark, and had jurisdiction of all personal actions arising within twelve miles of the royal palace of Whitehall, exclusive of London.
    A duty to lords of manors for exporting and importing vessels of wine at any of their ports. Jacob.
    Lat. In the civil law. Openly; in the presence of many. Dig. 50, 10, 83.
    Possessing royal privileges. See COUNTY PALATINE.
    formerly were the court of common pleas at Lancaster, the chancery court of Lancaster, and the court of pleas at Durham, the second of which alone now exists. (See the respective titles.) Sweet.
    Lat. A palace. The emperor's house in Rome was so called from the Mons Palatinus on which it was built. Adams, Rom. Ant. 613.
    A palfrey; a horse to travel on.
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