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    Lat In old English law. Bread; loaf; a loaf. Fleta, lib. 2, c. 9.
    A common of pannage is the right of feeding swine on mast and acorns at certain seasons in a commonable wood or forest Elton, Commons, 25; Williams, Common, 168. Pan n agin m est pastas poroornm, in nemoribus et in silvis, nt pnta, de glan-dibns, ate. 1 Bulst 7. A More...
    The act of impaneling a jury.
    A dramatic performance in which gestures take the place of words. See 3 C. B. 871.
    A written or printed document or instrument A document filed or introduced in evidence in a suit at law, as, ia the phrase "papers in the case" and in "papers on appeal." Any writing or printed document, including letters, memoranda, legal or business documents, and books of account as in More...
    One who adheres to the communion of the Church of Rome. The word seems to be considered by the Roman Catholics themselves as a nickname of reproach, originating in their maintaining the supreme ecclesiastical power of the pope. Wharton.
  • PAR
    In commercial law.' Equal; equality. An equality subsisting between the nominal or face value of a bill of exchange, share of stock, etc., and its actual selling value. When the values are thus equal, the instrument or share is said to be "at par;" if it can be sold for More...
    Lat. Equal. -Par delictum. Equal guilt. "This is not a case of par delictum. It is oppression on one side and submission on the other. It never can be predicated as par delictum when one holds the rod and the other bows to it" 6 Maule ft S. 165.-Par oneri. More...
    Error in the computation of time.
    The tenure between parceners, viz., that which the youngest owes to the eldest without homage or service. Domesday.
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