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    The act of making peace between two hostile or belligerent states; re-establishment of public tranquility.
  • PACK
    To put together in sorts with a fraudulent design. To pack a jury is to use unlawful, improper, or deceitful means to have the jury made up of persons favorably disposed to the party so contriving, or who have been or can be improperly influenced to give the verdict he More...
    A horse load, which consists of seventeen stone and two pounds, or two hundred and forty pounds weight Fleta, 1. 2, c. 12; Cowell.
    A package means a bundle put up for transportation or commercial handling; a thing in form to become, as such, an article of merchandise or delivery from hand to hand. A parcel is a small package; "parcel" being the diminutive of "package." Each of the words denotes a thing in More...
    The name for a consignment of goods, consisting of one large parcel made up of several small ones, (each bearing a different address,) collected from different persons by the immediate consignor, (a carrier,) who unites them into one for his own profit at the expense of the railway by which More...
  • PACT
    A bargain; compact; agreement This word Is used in writings on Roman law and on general jurisprudence as the English form of the Latin "pactum," (which see.). -Nude pact. A translation of the Latin "nudum pactum," a bare or naked pact, that is, a promise or agreement made without any More...
    Lat In the civil law. A bargaining or agreeing of which pactum (the agreement itself) was the result Calvin. It is used, however, as the synonym of "pactum"
    Relating to or generating an agreement; by way of bargain or covenant.
    In international law. Contracts between nations which are to be performed by a single act, and of which execu* tlon is at an end at once. 1 Bouv. Inst no. 100. Pactis priratorum jnri publico non derogatur. Private contracts do not derogate from public law. Broom, Max. 695.
    Settled by covenant. Pacto aliquod licitnm est, quod sine* paoto nom admittitur. Co. Litt 166. By special agreement things are allowed which are not otherwise permitted.
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