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    when applied to a promissory note, means barred by the statute of limitations. Drew v. Drew, 37 Me. 389.
    In English law. A process by which a defendant or person in contempt on a civil or criminal process was declared an outlaw. If for treason or felony, It amounted to conviction, and attainder. Stim. Law Gloss. See Respublica v. Doan, 1 Dall. (Pa.) 86, 1 L. Ed. 47; Dale More...
    In early American land law, (particularly in Missouri,) a lot or parcel of land lying outside the corporate limits of a town or village but subject to its municipal jurisdiction or control. See Kissell v. St. Louis Public Schools, 16 Mo. 592; St Louis v. Toney, 21 Mo. 243; Eberle More...
    Stealers of cattle. Cowell.
    Such as set watches for the robbing any manor-house. Cowell.
    Injurious violence, or, in general, any species of serious wrong offered to the person, feelings, or rights of another. See McKinley v. Railroad Ca, 44 Iowa, 314, 24 Am. Rep. 748; Aldrich v. Howard, 8 It I. 246; Mosnat v. Snyder, 105 Iowa, 500, 75 N. W. 356
    In English law. Bailiffs errant employed by sheriffs or their deputies to ride to the extremities of their counties or hundreds to summon men to the county or hundred court Wharton.
    A person to whom the business of selling by auction was confiued by statute. 2 H. Bl. 557.
    In Scotch law. Publisher. 3 How. State Tr. 003.
    1. Remaining undischarged; unpaid; uncollected; as an outstanding debt 2. Existing as an adverse claim or pretension ; not united with, or merged in, the title or claim of the party; as an outstanding title. -Outstanding term. A term in gross at law, which, in equity, may be made attendant More...
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