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  • OYER
    In old praetiee. Hearing; the hearing a deed read, which a party sued on a bond, etc., might pray or demand, and it was then read to him by the other party; the entry on the record being, "et ei legitur ia hwo verba," (and it is read to him More...
    A half French phrase applied in England to the assizes, which are so called from the commission of oyer and terminer directed to the judges, empowering them to "inquire, hear, and determine" all treasons, felonies, and misdemeanors. This commission is now* issued regularly, but was formerly used only on particular More...
    A petition made in court that the judges, for better proofs sake, will hear or look upon any record. Cowell.
  • OYEZ
    Hear ye. A word used in courts by the public crier to command attention when a proclamation is about to be made. Commonly corrupted into "O yes."
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