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    A tax or charge formerly imposed by the state of Maryland for the inspection and marking of hogsheads of tobacco intended for export See Turner v. Maryland, 107 U. a 38, 2 Sup. Ct 44, 27 L. Ed. 370; Turner v. State, 55 Md. 264.
    In mining law. The edge of a stratum which appears at the surface of the ground; that portion of a vein or lode which appears at the surface or immediately under the soil and surface debris. See Duggan v. Davey, 4 Dak. 110, 26 N. W. 887; Stevens y. Williams, More...
    In the English courts, barristers at law have been divided into two classes, viz., king's counsel, who are admitted within the bar of the courts, in seats specially reserved for themselves, and Junior counsel, who sit without the bar; and the latter are thence frequently termed barristers of the "outer More...
    The name given to the great hall of the parliament house in Edinburgh, in which the lords ordinary of the court of session sit as single judges to hear causes. The term is used colloquially as expressive of the business done there in contradistinction to the "Inner House," the name More...
    A liberty or privilege in the ancient common law, whereby a lord was enabled to call any man dwelling in his manor, and taken for felony in another place out of his fee, to judgment in his own court Dn Cange.
    1. An allowance made by the United States government to one of its diplomatic representatives going abroad, for the expense of his equipment. This term, in its original use, as applying to ships, embraced those objects connected with a ship which were necessary for the sailing of her, and without More...
    A calling men out to the army by sound of horn. Jacob.
    Any house necessary for the purposes of life, in which the owner does not make his constant or principal residence, is an outhouse. State v. O'Brien, '2 Root "(Conn.) 516. A smaller or subordinate building connected with a dwelling, usually detached from it and standing at a little distance from More...
    The Saxon thanes divided' their hereditary lands into inland, such as lay nearest their dwelling, which they kept' to their own use, and outland, which lay beyond the demesnes, and was granted out td tenants, at the will of the lord, like copyhold estates. This outland they subdivided into two More...
    In English law. One who is put out of the protection or aid of the law.
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