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    The chief criminal court of Scotland, consisting of five lords of session, added to tbe justice general and justice clerk; of whom the justice general, and, in his absence, tbe justice clerk, is president. This court has a jurisdiction over all crimes, and over the whole of Scotland. BelK
    Judicature; prerogative.
    Iu English law. A writ directed to the sheriff, empowering hlin, for the sake of dispatch, to try au action in his county court for a larger amount than he has the ordinary power to do. It is so called because it is a commission to the sheriff to do More...
    Rightful; warranted or sanctioned by law; that which can be shown to be sustained by law; as justifiable homicide. See HOMICIDE.
    A maintaining or showing a sufficient reason in court why the defendant did what he is called upon to answer, particularly in an action of libel. A defense of justification is a defense showing the libel to be true, or in an action of assault showing the violence to have More...
    A kind of compurgators, (q. v.,) or those who by oath justified the innocence or oaths of others; as in the case of wager of law.
    consists in proving the sufficiency of bail or sureties in point of property, etc. The production of bail in court, who there justify themselves against the exception of the plaintiff.
    A civilian; one who studies the civil law.
    Lat. Justice. A jurisdiction, or the office of a judge. -Jnstitia piepoudrous. Speedy justice. Bract. 3336. Justitia debet esse libera, quia nihil iniquius veuali jnstitia; plena, quia jnstitia non debet elaudioare; et eeleris, quia dilatio est quiedam negatio. Justice ought to be free, because nothing is more iniquitous than venal More...
    Lat. In the civil law. A suspension or intermission of the administration of justice in courts; vacation time. Calvin.
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