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    In Spanish law. The name anciently given to a high judicial magistrate, or supreme judge, who was the ultimate interpreter, of the laws, and possessed other high powers.
    Exercises between martial men and persons of honor, with spears, on horseback; different from tourna¬ment a, which were military exercises between many men in troops. 24 Hen. VIII. c. 13. Justum non est aliquem antenatnm mortuum faeere bastardnm, qui pro tota vita sua pro legitimo babetnr. It .is not just More...
    Lat. Near; following; according to. —Junta oonventionem. According to the covenant. Fleta, lib. 4, c. 16, § 6.—Junta formam statuti. According to the form of the statute.—Junta ratam. At or after the rate. Dyer. S2 Junta tenorem seqnentem. According to the tenor following. 2 Saik. 417. A phrase used in More...
    In Spanish law. The judiciary; the body of judges; the Judges who concur In a decree.
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