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    In old English law. Small money.
    Yeomen retained by the sheriff to escort the judge of assize.
    In Scotch law. Jailer or gaoler. 1 Pltc. Crim. Tr. pt. 1, p. 33.
    Summary justice inflicted upon a marauder or felon without a regular trial, equivalent to "lynch law." So called from a Scotch town, near the English border, where raiders and cattle lifters were often summarily hung. Also written "Jeddart" or "Jedwood" Justice.
    In old records. Yeoman. Cowell ; Blount
    L. Fr. I have failed; I am in error. An error or oversight in pleading. Certain statutes are called "statutes of amendments and jeofailes" because, where a pleader perceives any slip in the form of his proceedings, and acknowledges the error, (jeofatle,) he is at liberty, by those statutes, to More...
    Danger; hazard; peril. Jeopardy is the danger of conviction and ' punishment which the defendant in a criminal action incurs when a valid indictment has been found, and a petit jury has been impaneled and sworn to try the case and give a verdict. State v. Nelson, 26 Ind. 368; More...
    In English law. An officer of the custom-house who oversees the wait-era. Techn. Diet
    A large brass candlestick, usually hung in the middle of a church or choir. Cowell.
  • JET
    Fr. In French law. Jettison. Ord. Mar. liv. 3, tit 8; Emerig. Traitt des Assur. c. 12, ft 40.
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