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    In old Scotch law. Amends or compensation for slaughter. Bell.
    A kind of coin which, with suskins and doitkins, was forbidden by St. 3 Hen. V. c. 1.
    A cock-shoot, or cock-glade.
    A liquid measure, containing 231 cubic inches, or four quarts. The imperial gallon contains about 277, and the ale gallon 282, cubic inches. Hollender v. Ma-gone (C. C.) 38 Fed. 914; Nichols v. Beard (C. C.) 15 Fed. 437.
    A scaffold; a beam laid over either one or two posts, from which malefactors are hanged.
    In old European law. A stroke or blow. Spelman.
    A child born in lawful wedlock ; also one born to betrothed but unmarried parents. Spelman.
    To game or play at a game for money. Buckley v. O'Niel, 113 Mass. 193. 18 Am. Rep. 466. The word "gamble" is perhaps the most apt and substantial to convey the idea of unlawful play that our language affords. It Is inclusive of hazarding and betting as well as More...
  • GAME
    1. Birds and beasts of a wild nature, obtained by fowling and hunting. Bacon, Abr. See Coolldge v. Choate, 11 Mete. (Mass.) 79. The term is said to include (in England) hares, pheasants, partridges, grouse, heath or moor game, black game, and bustards. Brown. See 1 A 2 Wm. IV. More...
    The act or practice of playing games for stakes or wagers; gambling; the playing at any game of hazard. An agreement between two 6r more persons to play together at a game of chance for a stake or wager which is to become the property of the winner, and to More...
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