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    In a general sense, deficiency, want or lack; ineffectualness; inefficiency as measured by some legal standard; an unsuccessful attempt. White v. Pettijohn, 23 N. C. 55; State v. Butler, 81 Minn. 103, 83 N. W. 483; Andrews v. Keep, 38 Ala. 317. In commercial law, the suspension or abandonment of More...
    In old English practice. An action was so called where the party bringing it had no title to recover, although the words of the writ were true; a false action was properly where the words of the writ were false. Litt. f 689; Co. Litt. 361.
    A fraudulent, false, or collusive manner of pleading to the deception of a third person.
  • FAIR
    n. In English law. A greater species of market; a privileged market. It is an incorporeal hereditament, granted by royal patent, or established by prescription presupposing a grant from the crown. In the earlier English law, the franchise to hold a fair conferred certain important privileges; and fairs, as legally More...
  • FAIR
    adj. Just; equitable; even-handed ; equal, as between conflicting interests. -Fair abridgment. In copyright law. An abridgment consisting not merely in the arrangement of excerpts, but one involving real and substantial condensation of the materials by the exercise of intellectual labor and judgment. Folsom v. Marsh. 9 Fed. Cas. 345.- More...
    Justly; rightly; equitably. With substantial correctness. "Fairly" is not synonymous with "truly," and "truly" should not be substituted for it in a commissioner's oath to take testimony fairly. Language may be truly, yet unfairly, reported; that is, an answer may be truly written down, yet in a manner conveying a More...
  • FAIT
    L. Fr. Anything done. A deed; act; fact. A deed lawfully executed. Com. Dig. Feme de fait. A wife de facto.
    A deed enrolled, as a bargain and sale of freeholds. 1 Keb. 568.
    In French law. A juridical fact. One of the factors or elements constitutive of an obligation.
    1. Confidence; credit; reliance. Thus, an act may be said to be done "on the faith" of certain representations. 2. Belief; credence; trust. Thus, the constitution provides that "full faith and credit" shall be given to the judgments of each state in the courts of the others. 3. Purpose; intent; More...
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