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    One of the fines incurred for homicide.
  • FYKE
    A bow-net for catching fish. Pub. St Mass. 1882, p. 1291.
  • FYLE
    In old Scotch law. To defile; to declare foul or defiled. Hence, to find a prisoner guilty.
    In old Scotch practice. Fyled; found guilty. See FYLE.
  • FYRD
    Sax. In Anglo-Saxon law. The military array or land force of the whole country. Contribution to the fyrd was one of the imposts forming the "trinoda nccesstas." (Also spelled "ferd" and "fird.") —Fyrdfare. A summoning forth to join a military expedition; a summons to join the fyrd or army.—Fyrdsoono, (or More...
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