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    A champertor.
    In mercantile law. A person skilled in exchanges; one who trades in promissory notes and bills of exchange.
    In the civil law. Change or exchange. A term applied indifferently to the exchange of land, money, or debts. Cambium reals or manuale was the term generally used to denote the technical common-law exchange of lands; cambium locale, mercantile, or trajectitium, was used to designate the modern mercantile contract of More...
    In old English law. A chamber, room, or apartment; a judge's chamber; a treasury; a chest or coffer. Also, a stipend payable from vassal to lord; an annuity.' —Camera regis. In old English law. A chamber of the king; a place of peculiar privileges especially in a commercial point of More...
    The science of finance or public revenue, comprehending the means of raising and disposing of it.
    A chamberlain; a keeper of the public money; a treasurer. Also a bailiff or receiver.
    In Spanish law. A road or highway. Las Partidas, pt. 3, tit 2, 1. 6.
    In old European law. A bell. Spelman. —Campana bajula. A small handbell used In the ceremonies of the Romish church; and, among Protestants, by sextons, parish clerks, and criers. Cowell.
    A belfry bell tower, or steeple; a place where bells are hung. Spelman; Townsh. PI. 191, 213.
    A part of a larger field or ground, which would otherwise be in gross or in common.
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