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    A term used vulgarly, and occasionally in judicial proceedings and law reports, to designate a jail or prison, partlc-uarly a town or city Jail or lock-up. Supposed to be a corruption of the Spanish calabozo, a dungeon. See Gllham v. Wells, 64 Ga. 194.
    A causeway, or common hard-way, maintained and repaired with stones and rubbish.
  • CALE
    In old French law. A punishment of sailors, resembling the modern "keelhauling."
    In old law. A right to take fuel yearly. Cowell.
    1. The established order of the division of time into years, months, weeks, and days; or a systematized enumeration of such arrangement; an almanac. Rives v. Guthrie, 46 N. 0. 86. —Calendar days. So many days reckoned according to the course of the calendar. For example, a note dated January More...
    Among the Romans the first day of every month, being spoken of by itself, or the very day of the new moon, which usually happen together. And if pridie, the day before, be added to it then it is the last day of the foregoing month, as pridie calend. Septemb. More...
    A metaphorical expression for a time never likely to arrive.
  • CALL
    n, 1. In English law. The election of students to the degree of barrister at law, hence the ceremony or epoch of election, and the number of persons elected. 2. In conveyancing. A visible natural object or landmark designated in a patent entry, grant, or other conveyance of lands, as More...
  • CALL
    v. To summon or demand by name; to demand the presence and participation of a number of persons by calling aloud their names, either in a pre-arranged and systematic order or in a succession determined by chance. —Call of the house. A call of the names of all the members More...
    In Scotch law. A gift to the head of a clan, as an acknowledgment for protection and maintenance.
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