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    A large and strong rope or chain, such as is attached to a vessel's anchors, or the traction-rope of a street railway operated by the cable system. (Hooper v. Railway Co., 85 Md. 509, 37 Atl. 359, 38 L. R. A. 509,) or used in submarine telegraphy, (see 25 Stat. More...
    Brush-wood, or more properly windfall-wood.
    An inferior bailiff, or catchpoll. Jacob.
    Letters issued and signed by the kings of France, and countersigned by a secretary of state, authorizing the imprisonment of a person. Abol-lished during the revolution of 1789.
    In Spanish-American law. Property entailed on the caciques, or heads of Indian villages, and their descendants. Schm. Civil Law, 309.
    In Spanish law. An official statement of the quantity and value of real property In any district, made for the purpose of justly apportioning the taxes payable on such property. 12 Pet 428, note.
    In French law. An official statement of the quantity and value of realty made for purposes of taxation; same as cadastre, (q. v.)
    A dead human body; a corpse. Cadaver nullius in bonis, no one can have a right of property in a corpse. 3 Co. Inst. 110, 2 Bl. Comm. 429; Griffith v. Railroad Co., 23 S. C. 32, 55 Am. Rep. 1.
    Lat. To end; cease; fail. As in the phrases cadit actio, (or breve,) the action (or writ) falls; cadit assisa, the assise abates; cadit quwstio, the discussion ends, there is no room for further argument. To be changed; to be turned into. Cadit assisa in juratum, the assise is changed More...
    In the United States laws, students in the military academy at West Point are styled "cadets;" students in the naval academy at Annapolis, "cadet midshipmen." Rev. St. |i 1309,1512 (U. S. Comp. St 1901, pp. 927, 1042). In England. The younger son of a gentleman; particularly applied to a volunteer More...
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