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  • C. P.
    An abbreviation for common pleas.
  • C. R.
    An abbreviation for curia regis; also for chancery reports.
  • C. T. A.
    An abbreviation for cum testamento annexo, in describing a species of administration.
    A small association for the purpose of intrigue; an intrigue. This name was given to that miplstry in the reign of Charles II. formed by Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington, and Lauderdale, who concerted a scheme for the restoration of popery. The initials of these five names form the word "cabal More...
    In French commercial law. A factor or broker.
    Pertaining to a horse. It was a feudal tenure of lands, the tenant furnishing a horseman suitably equipped in time of- war, or when the lord had occasion for his service.
    In Spanish law. An allotment of land acquired by conquest, to a horse soldier. It was a strip one hundred feet wide by two hundred feet deep. The term has been sometimes used in those parts of the United States which were derived from Spain. See 12 Pet 444, note.
    In Spanish law. A knight so called on account of its being more honorable to go on horseback (d caballo) than on any other beast.
    The advisory board or council of a king or other chief executive. In the government of the United States the cabinet is composed of the secretary of state, the sec-cretary of the treasury, the secretary of the interior, the secretary of war, the secretary of the navy, the secretary of More...
    In English law. A private and confidential assembly of the most considerable ministers of state, to concert measures for the administration of public affairs; first established by Charles I. Wharton.
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