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    Fr. In French marine law. A buoy.
    In the civil law. A teacher; one who has the care of youth; a tutor; a guardian. Du Cange; Spelman.
    L. Lat. In old English law - A bailiwick, or jurisdiction.
    In marine insurance. There is considerable analogy between ballast and dunnage. The former is used for trimming-the ship, and bringing it down to a draft of water proper and safe for sailing. Dunnage* is placed under the cargo to keep it from being wetted by water getting into the hold, More...
    A toll paid for the privilege of taking up ballast from the bottom of a port or harbor.
    An ancient writ to remove a bailiff from his office for want of sufficient land in the bailiwick. Reg. Orig. 78.
    In the law of elections. A slip of paper bearing the names of the offices to be filled at the particular election and the-names of the candidates for whom the elector desires to vote; it may be printed, or written, or partly printed and partly written, and is deposited by More...
    A case made of wood for receiving ballots.
    Fr. In medical jurisprudence. A test for pregnancy by palpation with the finger inserted in the vagina to the mouth of the uterus. The tip of the finger being quickly jerked upward, the foetus, if one be present, can be felt rising upward and then settling back against the finger.
    In the Roman law. Those who stole the clothes of bathers In the public baths. 4 Bl. Comm. 239.
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