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    In old Scotch law. A poor insolvent debtor, left bare and naked, who was obliged to swear in court that he was not worth more than five shillings and five-pence.
    In Scotch law. A known term, used to denote one's whole issue. Ersk. Inst. 3, 8, 48. But it is sometimes used in a more limited sense. Bell.
    In Scotch law. Children's part; a third part of the defunct's free movables, debts deducted, if tbe wife survive, and a half if there be no relict.
    In English law. Procuring them to be worried by dogs. Punishable on summary conviction, under 12 A 13 Vict c. 92, | 3.
    A large fish, called by Black-stone a "whale." Of this the king had the head and the queen the tail as a perquisite whenever one was taken on the coast of England. 1B1. Comm. 222.
    The amount remaining due from one person to another on a settlement of the accounts Involving their mutual dealings; the difference between the two sides (debit and credit) of an account A balance is the conclusion or result of the debit and credit sides of an account. It implies mutual More...
    The standard-bearer of the Knights Templar.
    Small galleries of wood or stone on the outside of houses. The erection of them is regulated in London by the building acts.
    In Spanish law. Waste land; land that is neither arable nor pasture. White New Recop. b. 2, tit. 1, c. 6, | 4, and note. Unappropriated public domain, not set apart for the support of municipalities. Sheldon y. Milmo, 90 Tex. 1, 36 S. W. 415.
  • BALE
    A pack or certain quantity of goods or merchandise, wrapped or packed up in cloth and corded round very tightly, marked and numbered with figures corresponding to those in the bills of lading for the purpose of identification. Wharton. A bale of cotton is a certain quantity of that commodity More...
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