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    In English law. A knight made in the field, by the ceremony of cutting off the point of his standard, and making it, as it were, a banner. Knights so made are accounted so honorable that they are allowed to display their arms in the royal army, as barons do, More...
  • BANI
    Deodands, (q. v.)
    In criminal law. A punishment inflicted upon criminals, by compelling them to quit a city, place, or country for a specified period of time, or for life. See Cooper v. Telfair, 4 Dall. 14, 1 L. Ed. 721; People v. Potter, 1 Park. Cr. R. (N. Y.) 54. It is More...
  • BANK
    1. A bench or seat; the bench or tribunal occupied by the judges; the seat of judgment; a court. The full bench, or full court; the assembly of all the judges of a court. A "sitting in bank" Is a meeting of all the judges of a court, usually for More...
    In mercantile law. Notes, checks, bank-bills, drafts, and other securities for money, received as cash by the banks. Such commercial paper as is considered worthy of discount by the bank to which it is offered is termed "bankable." Allls Co. v. Power Co., 9 S. D. 459, 70 N. W. More...
    A private person who keeps a bank; one who is engaged in the business of banking. People v. Doty, 80 N. Y. 228; Auten v. Bank, 174 U. S. 125, 19 Sup. Ct. 628, 43 L. Ed. 920; Richmond v. Blake, 132 U. S. 592, 10 Sup. Ct. 204, 33 More...
    A commercial instrument resembling a bank-note in every particular except that it is given by a private banker or unincorporated banking institution.
    O. Eng. Bankrupt; insolvent; indebted beyond the means of payment.
    The business of receiving money on deposit, loaning money, discounting notes, issuing notes for circulation, collecting money on notes deposited, negotiating bills, etc. Bank v. Turner, 154 Ind. 456, 57 N. E. 110. See BANK; BANKER.
    A person who has committed an act of bankruptcy; one who has done some act or suffered some act to be done in consequence of which, under the laws of his country, he is liable to be proceeded against by his creditors for the seizure and distribution among them of More...
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