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    A mark or cognizance worn to show the relation of the wearer to any person or thing; the token of anything; a distinctive mark of office or service.
    A term used relatively to the law of fraudulent conveyances made to hinder and defraud creditors. It Is defined as a fact tending to throw suspicion upon a transaction, and calling for an explanation. Bump. Fraud. Conv. 31; Gould v. Sanders, 69 Mich. 5, 37 N. W. 37; Bryant v. More...
    In old English law. One who made a practice of buying corn or victuals In one place, and carrying them to another to sell and make profit by them.
  • BAG
    A sack or satchel. A certain and customary quantity of goods and merchandise in a sack. Wharton.
  • BAGA
    In English law. A bag or purse. Thus there is the petty-bag-office in the common-law jurisdiction of the court of chancery, because all original writs relating to the business of the crown were formerly kept in a little sack or bag, in parvd band. 1 Madd. Ch. 4.
    In the law of carriers. This term comprises such articles of personal convenience or necessity as are usually carried by passengers for their personal use, and not merchandise or other valuables, although carried in the truuks of passengers, which are not designed for any such use, but for other purposes, More...
    A chest or coffer. Fleta.
  • BAIL
    v. To procure the release of a person from legal custody, by undertaking that he shall appear at the time and place designated and submit himself to the juris diction and judgment of the court. To set at liberty a person arrested or imprisoned, on security being taken for his More...
  • BAIL
    n. In practice. The sureties who procure the release of a persou under arrest, by becoming responsible for his appearance at the time and place designated. Those persons who become sureties for the appearance of the defendant in court. Upon those contracts of indemnity which are taken in legal proceedings More...
  • BAIL
    Fr. In French and Canadiau law. A lease of lands. -Bail A cheptel. A contract by which one of the parties gives to the other cattle to keep, feed, and care for, the borrower receiving half the profit of increase, and bearing half the loss. Du verger.-Bail A ferme. A More...
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