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    In forest law. Carrying on the back. One of the cases in which an offender against vert and venison might be arrested, as being taken with the mainour, or manner, or found carrying a deer off on his back. Manwood; Cowell.
    Sax. Bearing upon the back or about the person. Applied to a thief taken with the stolen property in his immediate possession. Bract. 1, 3, tr. 2, c. 32. Used with handhabend, having in the hand.
    In Scotch law. A deed attaching a qualification or condition to the terms of a conveyance or other instrument. This deed is used when particular circumstances render it necessary to express in a separate form the limitations or qualifications of a right. Bell. The instrument is equivalent to a declaration More...
    Indorsement; indorsement by a magistrate.
    See BACK.
    In English law. A term formerly used in conveyances and also in pleading; it imports a yard at the back part of or behind a house, and belonging thereto.
    In the language of the stock exchange, this term signifies a consideration paid for delay in the delivery of stock contracted for, when the price is lower for time than for cash. Dos Passes, Stock-Brok. 270.
    In a policy of marine insurance, the phrase "forwards and backwards at sea" means from port to port in the course of the voyage, and not merely from one terminus to the other and back. 1 Taunt. 475.
    A rod, staff, or wand, used in old English practice in making livery of seisin where no building stood on the land, (Bract. 40;) a stick or wand, by the erection of which on the land involved in a real action the defendant was summoned to put in his appearance; More...
  • BAD
    Substantially defective; inapt; not good. The technical word for unsoundness in pleading. -Bad debt. Generally speaking, one which Is uncollectible. But - technically, by statute in some states, the word may have a more precise meaning. In Louisiana, bad debts are those which have been prescribed against (barred by limitations) More...
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