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    Anything diminished. Moneta abatuda is money clipped or diminished in value. Cowell; Dufresne.
    Lat. In the civil law. A great-great-grandmother. Inst 3, 6, 4; Dig. 38, 10, 1, 6; Bract fol. 68b.
    A great-great-grandfather's sister. Bract fol 68b. This is a misprint for abamita, (q. v.) Burrill.
    Lat. In the civil law. A great-great-grandmother's brother, (abavia frater.) Inst 3, 6, 6; Dig. 38, 10, 3. Called avunculus maximus. Id. 38,10, 10, 17. Called by Bracton and Fleta abavunculus magnus. Bract foL 68b; Fleta, lib. 6, a 2, 5 19.
    Lat. In the civil law. A great-great-grandfather. Inst 3, 6, 4; Dig. 38, 10,1, 6; Bract foL 67a.
    The government of a religious house, and the revenues thereof, subject to an abbot as a bishopric is to a bishop. Cowell. The rights and privileges of an abbot.
    A society of religious persons, having an abbot or abbess to preside over them.
    The spiritual superior or governor of an abbey or monastery. Feminine, Abbess.
    In Scotch law. An abstract of the decree of adjudication, and of the lands adjudged, with the amount of the debt. Adjudication is that diligence (execution) of the law by which the real estate of a debtor is adjudged to belong to his creditor in payment of a debt; and More...
    An abstract of ancient judicial records, prior to the Year Books. See Steph. PL (7th Ed.) 410.
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