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    Lat In the civil law. Exemption; immunity; privilege; dispensation; exemption from the burden of office. Calvin.
    That period of time between the end of one term of court and the beginning of another. See Von Schmidt v. Widber, 99 Cal. 511, 34 Pac. 100; Conkling Bldgely, 112 IU. 36, 1 N. E. 261, 54 Am. Rep. 204; Brayman v. Whltcomb, 134 Mass. 525; State v. Derkum, More...
    Lat. Let it be vacated. In practice, a rule or order by which a proceed-ing is vacated; a vacating.
    An avoidance of an ecclesiastical benefice. Cowell.
    In old English law. A dairy-house. Co. Litt fib.
    Inoculation with vaccine or the virus of cowpox as a preventive against tbe smallpox; frequently made compulsory by statute. See Daniel v. Putnam County, 118 Ga. 570, 38 S. E. 980, 64 L. R. A, 292.
    Lat Tbe vacant possession, ie: free and unburdened possession, which (eg) a vendor had and has to give to a purchaser of lands.
    Lat In the civil law. Empty; void; vacant; unoccupied. Calvin.
    Lat In the civil law. Pledges; sureties; bail; security for the appearance of a defendant or accused person in court Calvin.
    L. Lat. In old English law. To wage or gage the DUELLUM; to wage battel; to give pledges mutually for engaging in the trial by combat.
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