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    Lat In Roman law. Bail or security; the giving of bail for appearance in court; a recognizance. Calvin.
    Lat A pledge; security by pledge of property. Coggs v. Bernard, 2 Ld. Raym. 913. —Vadium mortuum. A mortgage or dead pledge; a security given by the borrower of a sum of money, by which he grants to' the lender an estate in fee. on condition that, if the money More...
    In old English law. The king's eldest son; hence the valet or knave follows the king and queen in a pack of cards. Bar. Obs, St 344.
    In old records, a ford, or wading place. Cowell
    One that wanders about; and has no certain dwelling; an idle fellow. Jacob. Vagabonds are described in old English statutes as "such as wake on the night and sleep on the day, and haunt customable taverns and ale-houses and routs about; and no man wot from whence they came, nor More...
    A wandering, idle person; a strolling or sturdy beggar. A general term, including, in English law, the seyeral classes of idle and disorderly persons, rogues, and vagabonds, and incorrigible rogues. 4 Steph. Comm. 308, 309. In American law, the term is variously de-lined by statute but the general meaning is More...
  • VALE
    In Spanish law. A promissory note. White, New Recop. b. 3, tit. 7, c. 5, | 3. See Govin v. De Miranda, 140 N. Y. 662, 35 N. E. 628. Valeat quantum valere potest. -It shall have as far as it can have effect. Cowp. 600; 4 Kent, Comm. 493; More...
    In old English law. A young gentleman; also a servitor or gentleman of the chamber. Cowell.
    Lat. The value or price of anything.
    In old English law. The proving by the kindred of the slain, one on the father's side, and another on that of the mother, that a man was a Welshman. Wharton. VALET was anciently a name denoting young gentlemen of rank and family, but afterwards applied to those of lower More...
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