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    When matters in dispute are submitted to two or more arbitrators, and they do not agree in their decision, it is usual for another person to be called in as '"umpire," to whose sole judgment it is then referred. Brown. And see Ingraham v. Whitmore, 75 111. 30; Tyler v. More...
    Lat With one voice; unanImously; without dissent.
    Incapable of being aliened, that is, sold and transferred.
    Agreement of ajl the persons concerned, in holding one and the same opinion or determination of any matter or question; as the concurrence of a jury in deciding upon their verdict.
    Payment in gross, on an estimate as to amount, and where the merchant, on a final liquidation, will be entitled by law to allowances or deductions which do not depend on the rate of duty charged, but on the ascertainment of the quantity of the article subject to duty. Moke More...
    Not necessarily an accident which It was physically impossible, In the nature of things, for the person to have prevented, but one not oc-casioned in any degree, either remotely or directly, by the want of such care or skill as the law holds every man bound to exercise. Dygert v. More...
    In Saxon, law. An oath by relations not to avenge a relation's death. Blount
    Such vagueness, obscurity, or confusion in any written instru-ment, 6. p., a will, as to render it unintelli-gible to those who are called upon to execute or interpret it, so that no definite meaning can be extracted from it.
    Lat. In Roman law. An ounce; the twelfth of the Roman "as," or pound The twelfth part of anything; the proportion of one-twelfth. 2 Bl. Comm. 462, note tn.
    These phrases often occur in the charters of the British kings, and signify some measure or quantity of land It is said to have been the quantity of twelve modii; each modius being possibly one hundred feet square. Jacob.
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