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    Lat. In the civil law. A great-grandfather's great-grandfather; the male ascendant in the sixth degree.
    In Saxon law. One of the territorial divisions of England, being the third part of a county, and comprising three or more hundreds. Within the trithlng there was a court held (called "trithing-mote") which resembled the court-leet but was inferior to the county court. -----Trithing-mote. The court held for a More...
    Lat In old English law. A trithlng man or constable of three hundred. Cowell.
    Lat In Roman law. Officers who had charge of the prison, through whose intervention punishments were inflicted. They had eight lictore to execute their orders. Vicat Voc Jur.
    In the civil law. Juridical days; days allowed to the praetor for deciding causes; days on which the prwtor might speak the three characteristic words of his office, viz., do, dicof addico. Calvin. Otherwise called "dies fasti.19 8 BL Comm. 424, and note u.
    Trifling; inconsiderable; of small worth or importance. In equity, at demurrer will lie to a bill on the ground of the triviality of the matter In dispute, aa being below the dignity of the court 4 BOUv. Inst no. 4237.
    In English law. A customary duty or toll for weighing wool: so-called because it was weighed by a common trona, or beam. Fleta, lib. 2, c 12.
    A weigher of wool. Cowell.
    Money formerly collected and raised in London, and the several counties of England, towards providing harness and maintenance for the mintt", etc.
    In common law practice, the action of trover (or trover and conversion) Is a species of action on the case, and originally lay for the recovery of damages against a person who had found another's goods and wrongfully converted them to his own use. Subsequently the allegation of the loss More...
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