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    Fifteenths ; also the fifteenth day after a festival. 13 Edw. I. See Cowell.
    A weight of one hundred pounds. Cowell.
    A term used in the West Indies to designate a person one of whose parents was a white person and the other a quadroon. Also spelled "qulntroon." See Daniel v. Guy, 19 Ark. 13L
    In old practice. Called or exacted the fifth time. A return made by the sheriff, after a defendant had been proclaimed, required, or exacted in five county courts successively, and failed to appear, upon which he was outlawed by the coroners of the county. 3 BL Comm. 283.
    In English law. A record In the exchequer, showing the tenures for guarding and repairing Dover Castle, and determining the services' of the Cinque Porte. 3 How. State Tr. 868.
    In Roman law. Ownership held by a title recognized by the municipal law, in an object also recognized by that law, and in the strict character of a Roman citizen. "Roman law originally only recognized one kind of dominion, called, emphatically, 'quiritary dominion/ Gradually, however, certain real rights arose which, More...
  • QUIT
    v. To leave; remove from; surrender possession of; as when a tenant "quits" the premises or receives a "notice to-quit". -Notice to quit. A written notice given by a landlord to his tenant, stating that the former desires to repossess himself of the demised premises, and that the latter is More...
  • QUIT
    adj. Clear; discharged; free; also spoken of persons absolved or acquitted of a charge.
    v. In conveyancing. To release or relinquish a claim; to execute a deed of quitclaim. See QUITCLAIM, n.
    n. A release or acquittance given to one man by another, in respect of any action that he has or might have against him. Also acquitting or giving up one's claim or title. Termes de la Ley; Cowell. -Quitclaim deed. A deed of conveyance operating by way of release; that More...
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