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    Lat. In practice. The name of a writ (now abolished) which, in the English law, lay for a sister co-heiress dispossessed by her coparcener of lands and tenements whereof their father, brother, or any common ancestor died seised of an estate in fee-simple. Fitzh. Nat Brev. 197.
    Lat. A second marriage. In the canon law, this term included any marriage subsequent to the first.
    Pertaining to marriage; constituting marriage; used or done in marriage. Nuptias non eoncubitus sod consensus faoit. Go. Litt. 38. Not cohabitation but consent makes the marriage.
    The act of taking care of children, bringing them up, and educating them. Regina v. Clarke, 7 El. A Bl. 103.
    Lat In the civil law. A son's wife; a daughter-in-law. Calvin.
    The whole natural day, or day and night, consisting, of twenty-four hours. Enc. Lond.
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