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    Lat. In the civil law. Money told or counted; money paid by tale. Inst 3, 24, 2; Bract fol. 35. NUMMATA. The price of anything in money, as,denariata is the price of a thing by computation of pence, and librata of pounds.
    Anything that unlawfully worketh hurt, inconvenience, or damage. 3 Bl. Comm. 21&. That class of wrongs that arise from thp unreasonable, unwarrantable, or unlawful use by a person of his own property, either real or personal, or from his own improper, indecent, or unlawful personal conduct, working an obstruction of More...
  • NUL
    No; none. A law French negative particle, commencing many phrases. -Nul agard. No award. The name of a plea in an action on an arbitration bond, by which the defendant traverses the making of any legal award.-Nnl disseisin. In pleading. No disseisin. A plea of the general issue in a More...
    Lat No goods. The name of the return made by the sheriff to a writ of execution, when he has not found any goods of the defendant within his jurisdiction on which he could levy. Woodward v. Harbin, 1 Ala. 108; Reed v. Lowe, 163 Mo. 519, 63 S. W. More...
    Nothing; no proceeding; an act or proceeding in a cause which the opposite party may treat as though it had not taken place, or which has absolutely no legal force or effect. Salter v. Hllgen, 40 Wis. 363; Jenness v. Lapeer County Circuit Judge, 42 Mich. 469, 4 N. W. More...
    Lat. The son of nobody; a bastard. Nullins bominis anotoritas apnd nos valere debet, nt mellora non sequere-mnr si qnis attnlerit. The authority of no man ought to prevail with us, so far as to prevent our following better [opinions] if any one should present them. Co. Litt 383b.
    L. Lat In pleading. The name of a plea to an action of debt upon an obligation for the performance of an award, by which the defendant denies that he submitted to arbitration, etc Bac Abr. "Arbttr." etc., G. Nullum iniqnnm est prsesnmendnm in jure. 7 Coke, 71. No iniquity More...
    In English law. A name given to the statute 3 Geo. III. c. 16, because that act, in contravention of the maxim "Nullum tempos occurrtt regi," (no lapse of time bars the king,) limited tbe crown's right to sue, etc, to the period of sixty years. Nullum tempns ant locus More...
    An acre of land. Spelman.
    Lat Now for then. A phrase applied to acts allowed to be done after the time when they should be done, with a retroactive effect, i. e., with the same effect as if regularly dope. Perkins v. Hay-ward, 132 Ind. 95, 31 N. E. 670; Secou v. Leroux, 1 N. More...
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